Handmade vs Highstreet from Jordan Edwards on Vimeo.

I started Bristol Papillon back in 2013 after a pretty rough year when I was run down, depressed and feeling somewhat like I’d lost my way. Little did I realise I was about to stumble upon something that would literally change my life ~ blogging! My first blog was called ‘Another Bite of The Cherry’ (it’s still kicking around the internet here if you fancy a peak!). It was a simple WordPress blog, but it opened up a whole world of new experiences. I remember staying up until the wee-hours (I’m still a night-owl at heart) writing, and being thrilled when someone actually read what I’d written.

My random musings darted from food to lifestyle to everyday adventures, but they also helped me gain confidence and develop my writing style. That Christmas, I had my first ever market stall in a local pub. A long-held dream of mine, I was so excited. I made some (pretty crappy) cards and some slightly random cushions to sell. I didn’t make my fortune, but I did sell a couple of bits ~ and I began to catch a glimpse of the creative life beckoning. As I got more confident, I re-ignited an old hobby of making jewellery ~ but this time something clicked and I actually managed to make some pieces that people wanted to wear! That was the start of Bristol Papillon, and the start of my adventure into freelance working, internet adventures, new friends, travel, and starting my own business Write & Reach.

It’s been 5 years now, and whilst I still love making jewellery for friends and family, I realised doing the market stalls had become more of a chore than a joy. I decided to let go of the need to make money and to focus instead on what really brings me joy – writing, creating, travelling and sharing. And so I’ve come full-circle. This is me, I hope you enjoy reading.

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