I grew up on a farm, where we spent our days running free/ amok around the garden and neighbouring fields, playing in the hay barns, searching for four leaf clovers and playing ‘poo sticks’ by the river. I have a very distinct memory of lying amongst the tall grass at the back of our garden, surrounded by daisies and cabbage white butterflies, lazily watching the clouds drift by.

I used to be able to spend hours like this.


But as I got older, daydreaming became a bad thing. Living with my ‘head in the clouds’ began to mean something very different from  finding a quiet moment to enjoy being outdoors, letting the sun seep through my pores and letting nature work her magic on my soul.

Now I live in a city – fast-paced and often office bound – I find myself craving the outdoors, being by myself, letting it all drift by.


We pay thousands for a holiday to some exotic destination to give ourselves the space to switch off, but actually, there is no reason why I can’t do it right here.


Last year I was inspired to pick up a camera  – I find that getting outside and taking photos allows me to reconnect with nature again.

Often during my free time, my mind is still wiring, buzzing, worrying, thinking, planning, counting, chit chit chatting all the bloody time!

But when I get outside and start looking around me for interesting compositions, colours and more, I focus, I quieten down a little and expand a little bit more.

This is why I am in love with this idea from Emily, founder of  Makelight. Follow the seasons with our photography & creative projects. So…here I am, lets see where this goes! I can’t promise to post every day or even every week, but simply when the inspiration is there.

It’s up to me to get outside and find that inspiration.

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Rebecca xx