Beautifully handmade jewellery in Bristol is actually pretty easy to find. There are so many amazing markets in the city¬†and creative people that you’re never far from a unique piece of jewellery.

Pop down to the markets on the Harbourside, Tobacco Factory, or one of the many Bristol Christmas markets set to happen this year, and you are bound to find a range of affordable jewellery on many of the stalls.

However, something I have realised since I started making jewellery, and selling it at markets in Bristol, there are actually a lot of stalls selling not-so-handmade jewellery after all, but instead jewellery which has been imported, and so is much cheaper than us home-grown artisans are able to produce. And high street jewellery is even more mass produced.

But having said that, I will occasionally buy from the high-street – why? Because I want something quick, affordable and pretty, and I can’t make it all myself! In such a creative city such as Bristol, it’s becoming increasingly rare for me to turn to the high-street for the quick fix. And now that I run my own business I appreciate how great it is to buy from the little independent tradespeople, and I know first hand how much that sale will make their day.

What’s more, I know the love, care and attention that goes into making handmade – it really is a labour of love!

This Christmas, I fully intend to shop local and buy all handmade Christmas presents in Bristol and beyond. Will you be joining me?